The Tsahim Urtuu Scholarship Winners

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Холбоотой мэдээллүүд
- Хандивын аян
- Цахим Өртөөний нэрэмжит оюутны
тэтгэлгийн болзол

- Press Release: Афганистаны Монгол угсаатан
Хазара оюутнуудад ”Цахим Өртөөний нэрэмжит
тэтгэлэг” олгонo (PDF)

- Хандивлагчдын нэрс

The Tsahim Urtuu Holboo NGO is pleased to announce the names of three outstanding high school graduates of Hazara heritage who have been selected to receive full undergraduate scholarships to pursue studies at the prestigious National University of Mongolia on this blessed day of May 31, 2009 - the 10th year anniversary of global Mongolian Tsahim Urtuu Network (E-Station Network).

The initial account was to offer two scholarship awards that were available for the 2009-2013 academic years; however, with careful consideration of each applicant, the members of the Committee have decided to make an exception this year and award an additional third candidate with the scholarship.

The Tsahim Urtuu Scholarship winners are:

Meqdad Salehi
Zahra Hussain Bakhsh
Ghulam Abbas

Scholar awardees are selected from 6 finalist candidates and are judged to have the strongest record of accomplishments in school and community service and greatest potential for academic success in college. The objectives of the Tsahim Urtuu Scholarships are outlined as follows:

• To enable intellectually distinguished young Hazara high school graduate students, their country's future leaders, to study in Mongolia.
• To help scholars gain an understanding and appreciation of contemporary Mongolia.
• To motivate scholars to act as ambassadors from the Hazara community to Mongolia and vice versa throughout their lives thus strengthening the relationship between the Hazara and Mongolian peoples.
• To promote the personal and academic fulfilment of each scholar.

The scholarships were awarded through a competitive application process. The award includes full-tuition of five years of academic study, living cost, textbook cost, medical insurance, visa fee, academic fees, transportation cost from the recipient's country to Mongolia and lodging at the university campus where the recipient will study.

The scholarship awards, totalling approximately $52 000 dollars, are being financed by donations mostly from Tsahim Urtuu Network members and Mongolian nationals abroad, and grants from Mongolian corporate organizations and professional associations.

As future leaders, with a lasting understanding of Mongolian culture, history and society, Tsahim Urtuu scholars will contribute to the establishment of relationship between the Mongolian and Hazara peoples, their governments and their institutions.

On behalf of Mongolian people, and the members of the Tsahim Urtuu Network and Tsahim Urtuu Holboo, Congratulations to Meqdad Salehi, Zahra Hussain Bakhsh, and Ghulam Abbas, the Tsahim Urtuu Scholarship winners!

The Scholarship Committee
Tsahim Urtuu Holboo NGO
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Announced on this blessed day of May 31, 2009

The Tsahim Urtuu Scholarship winners

Name: Meqdad Salehi
Place of birth: Kabul, Afghanistan
Major: Social science and Mongolian language
School: School of Mongolian Studies, National University of Mongolia
Current job/school: 12th grade student at Marefat high school
Quote from the essay: "...I entered to Marefat High School just after our return from exile... At Marefat, I learned that we have our roots in Mongolia and at the time of Chengiz Khan, our ancestors have come to this part of the world. Still I don’t know much about Mongolia... But my teachers and especially some books in Persian helped me find tens of similar words and expressions that are used both in Mongolian language and in Hazara language... My teacher used a good term: you will be the Ambassador of Hazaras to Mongolia. I would be too honored to be that one!..."

Name: Zahra Hussain Bakhsh
Age: 20
Place of birth: Bamyan, Afghanistan
Major: Network Engineering
School: School of Information Technology, National University of Mongolia
Current job/school: part-time English teacher
Affiliations: Young Leader's Forum
Quote from the essay: "...In 2005, after the fall of Taliban regime, I came back to my homeland to apply for higher education... I will fill the IT expert scarcity and strengthen the sustainable development of Afghanistan in particular for central zones of Afghanistan and Bamyan University which majority are Hazara ethnic there... I am not satisfied yet with what I did, I believe that I can do much better if I am trained and developed through a 5 years of higher education in Mongolia and then I will be equipped to work for Hazara community in Afghanistan..."

Name: Ghulam Abbas
Age: 20
Place of birth: Quetta, Pakistan
Major: History and journalism
School: School of Social Sciences, National University of Mongolia
Current job/school: Communications officer, ActionAid-International anti-poverty agency and Daily Outlook newspaper
Quote from the essay:
"...Hope for better days has always been the only inspiration for my struggles... I hope my life experiences, ambitions, thirst for getting to know about my Mongolian ancestors closely and my economic condition would make me a good candidate for the Tsahim Urtuu Scholarship at the University of Mongolia... "

The members of the "Tsahim Urtuu Scholarship Project":

The Scholarship Committee members
D.Sainbayar - Chairman of the Scholarship Committee, and Chairman of the Board, Tsahim Urtuu Holboo NGO
P.Bayarmagnai - Board member, Tsahim Urtuu Holboo NGO
N.Baasandorj - Board member, Tsahim Urtuu Holboo NGO
Dr. Ch.Lodoiravsal - Director of School of Information Technology, NUM
Dr. D.Zayabaatar - Director of School of Mongolian Studies, NUM
Prof. Sh.Sodnom - Director of School of Social Sciences, NUM
D.Tserenbat - Head of Tsahim Urtuu Holboo NGO, London, United Kingdom
D.Anulan - CEO, Tsahim Urtuu Holboo NGO
Prof. Aziz Royesh - Board of Trustees, Marefat High School, Kabul Afghanistan
Reza Kateb - Asia Foundation, Kabul, Afghanistan
Hussain Hazara - World Bank, Kabul, Afghanistan

Tsahim Urtuu Holboo Board members
B.Bilegsaihan - UB, Mongolia
B.Jamts - UB, Mongolia
B.Naidalaa - UB, Mongolia
Ch.Otgochuluu - UB, Mongolia
D.Sainbayar - UB, Mongolia
D.Serdaram - UB, Mongolia
D.Tserenbat - London, United Kingdom
J.Amarjargal - UB, Mongolia
J.Saruultuya - Tokyo, Japan
N.Baasandorj - UB, Mongolia
N.Enhjargal - Los Angeles, CA, USA
P.Amarbat - UB, Mongolia
P.Bayarmagnai - UB, Mongolia
T.Enhjargal - UB, Mongolia

Tsahim Urtuu Holboo members
A.Amarbayar - Tokyo, Japan
B.Altanhuu - UB, Mongolia
B.Bat-Orshih - UB, Mongolia
B.Enhjin - Geneva, Switzerland
B.Lutaa - UB, Mongolia
B.Noljirmaa - UB, Mongolia
B.Nominchimed - UB, Mongolia
B.Telmen - UB, Mongolia
Ch.Davaajamts - UB, Mongolia
Ch.Enhzaya - UB, Mongolia
Ch.Ganbold - Ohio, USA
D.Anulan - UB, Mongolia
D.Batdulam - UB, Mongolia
D.Tserendorj - San Francisco, CA, USA
E.Batbayar - UB, Mongolia
G.Baigal - UB, Mongolia
G.Solongo - UB, Mongolia
Gantulga - London, United Kingdom
J.Batzandan - UB, Mongolia
Kh.Sansartuya - UB, Mongolia
L.Lhanaran - UB, Mongolia
M.Bilguun - UB, Mongolia
M.Saruul-Erdene Washington D.C, USA
M.Usukhjargal - UB, Mongolia
S.Badral – Berlin, Germany
S.Bold - UB, Mongolia
S.Chuluunbaatar - New York, USA
Sh.Baatar - San Francisco, CA, USA
Sh.Purevsuren - UB, Mongolia
T.Altangerel - UB, Mongolia
V.Shinenemeh - UB, Mongolia


abbas wafa said...

Dear Mongolian brothers,

I hope my warmest greetings reach all of you in the best of your health and in the highest of your spirits.

It is my pleasure to see the selected ambassador of Hazara Mongol that they will have the opportunity to see the land of Great Khan. The Holy land where our forefather started their struggle to rule the world where no one can imagine at that time.

I must express gratitude to D. Sainbayar and his team whom visited us in harsh winter of Afghanistan, and became a bridge among the Hazaras and Mongols. I also thanks to Tsahim Urtuu network whom grant Hazaras the Scholarship as well as congratulation for the 10th anniversary of the network.

Hope this opportunity bring Hazara Mongol network more stronger in coming days.

tsesci said...

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Chimgee said...

wow, yamar goe yum be. bi Afghanistan yavah yumsan gej ih husdeg, Hazara mongolchuud deer ochihson gej. iim saihan uilsiig sanaachilj, buteesend chin setgeleesee talarhaj, bas baharhaj bn. Ulam ih amjilt husye!

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